Stray dogs

Find out more about who to contact if you see a stray dog, have lost your own dog, or have any concerns about dogs in your neighbourhood. If you are worried about a banned breed, a dog that is out of control, a dangerous or aggressive dog please report to the police on 101 or 999 if there is an imminent risk.

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Reclaiming a lost dog

Any found dogs that can’t be reunited by the Dog Warden will be taken to Salford City Council’s kennels at and can be collected from there by arrangement. 

The owner can see if their dog is at Turnpike Depot by checking ‘Dogs in Salford’ Facebook page, contact via messenger or can email

Arrangement will be made between Salford Dog Warden and the dog owner to collect the dog. Knowsley Dog Warden may be able to collect and return the dog home for a fee.

Collecting your dog

Proof of ownership and payment is required before authorisation is given for the dog to be released/collected. This is to be verified by Salford Dog Warden and therefore you must provide one of the following in advance of arriving at the kennels:

  • Recent photographs of the dog
  • Any distinguishing marks or features, for example, only has one ear, has different coloured eyes, has a scar on back leg etc
  • Evidence of recent vet records

They do not accept:

  • Name of dog
  • Old photos
  • ‘The dog will know me if I come down’

Once ownership has been confirmed, the owner can then make the online payment Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council  or by ringing 0151 443 2300.

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