Governor support service

The governor support service helps governors and schools improve education for all children and young people in Knowsley. Find out more here.

The governor support service provides support and advice to governors and schools so they can carry out their important role in promote high standards of educational achievement for all children and young people in accordance with the key principals outlined in the Knowsley Education Development Improvement Handbook.

Nominated point of contact for support and advice

Providing governing boards with appropriate support and guidance on demonstrating effective governance accessed via

Information sharing

Providing governing boards with appropriate information to include

  • Termly Governor Briefings to the governing board
  • Newsletter updates when needed
  • Termly forums for Chair of Governors
  • Termly forums for Clerks to the governing board


Nominate school governors as and when required or determined to include

  • Nomination of LA governors
  • Nomination of additional governors

Instruments of government

The making of instruments of government

  • In response to requests from governing bodies
  • In the case of new schools
  • In the case of schools changing category

Temporary governing bodies

Appointment of temporary governing bodies where required

  • In the case of new schools
  • In the case of schools changing category

Governor training and development

A core programme of training for governors is facilitated by Knowsley Governor Support Service.

  • The boards’ role in financial scrutiny and value for money
  • The role of the Chair and Vice Chair of governors            
  • Headteachers Performance Management 
  • Board’s role in Compliance for Effective Governance
  • Induction for New Governors in Knowsley
  • Safeguarding and pupil welfare 
  • Governor Roles in Formal Panels 

Service level agreement

If schools buy the Governor Support Service Level Agreement additional benefits can be accessed to support governors in their key role.
If you have any questions or want more information on any of the service provided please contact the Governor Support Officer by the email below. 

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