Permanent exclusion

You can request an independent review of the decision of the school governors to permanently exclude your child

  • The review must be held within 15 school days of the governors' meeting.
  • To request a review, you will need to complete a form and return it to the named contact. You can also submit additional papers or reports for consideration.
  • An independent panel will then be arranged, normally within three school weeks of receiving the request.
  • You can attend the panel meeting, together with your child. A Special Educational Needs (SEN) expert will attend if you have requested this.
  • At the meeting, you can state your views and ask the panel members questions. You can also ask the school representative questions about their decision.
  • The panel members will make their decision in private and you will be notified in writing of their decision.
  • The panel can uphold the exclusion, recommend the governing body to reconsider or quash the exclusion, and ask the governing body to consider the exclusion again.
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