Apply for a school

Follow our step by step to learn about applying for a reception place in Knowsley and apply through our online portal.

  1. Before you apply

    Here you can learn about the application process for applying for a school place in Knowsley, the opening and closing dates, and how to choose schools. You'll also learn about the oversubscription process and how to give yourself the best chance of getting a place at your preferred school.

  2. Admission policies for 2024/25

    Schools in Knowsley have their own admission arrangements and oversubscription criteria. It is important to understand these so you can make informed decisions when applying for a school place.

  3. Supplementary information forms (SIF)

    Some schools may requite a supplementary information form upon application, find out more here. 

  4. Open events

    Find open events for schools within the borough to ensure you are picking the best option for your child. 

  5. Junior school transfer

    Here you will find information about transferring your child's school, including how to apply, timelines, and who to contact.

  6. The online application portal

    Here you will be able to access the parent portal to register and start your application to securing your child's school space. 



  7. Annual School Admission Consultation 2025/26

  8. Who to contact

    Having issues with your application or have a question regarding the process? Here you will find contact information to help us help you. 

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