Late applications and making changes to your application

If you have missed the deadline to apply for a school place for 2024/25, you can still make a late application. Find out more here about how to apply and the application process.


 Applications for places in reception class of primary/infant schools and year 7 of secondary schools for the current school year 2023/24 will now be considered as in-year admission applications and applications should be made following in-year admission/transfer procedures.

If you missed the deadline to apply for a school place for the current school year (2023/24), you can still make a late application. However, please be aware that you may miss out on a place at your preferred school.

Late applications for the next school year (2024/25) can also be made. The online application portal will remain open after the national closing dates (31 October 2023 for secondary school transfer and 15 January 2024 for primary school).

Each local authority has its own rules about late applications. If you are naming schools in other authorities on your application form, please check with the relevant authority to see how your individual school preferences will be considered if you submit your application after the closing date.

To make a late application for a school place in Knowsley, you can

  • Access the online application portal
  • Contact the school admissions team to request a paper application form

Applications naming Knowsley schools as preferences that are received after the closing date but before the initial allocation will be included wherever possible.

Please note that making a late application could result in missing out on a school place, so we strongly advise you to apply on time.

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