Hate crime

Hate crime is any act of violence or prejudice motivated by hostility or hatred towards a person's identity or perceived characteristics. Find out more about the different types and how to report it here.

Hate crime is any incident that is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hate.

In Knowsley, the following types of hate are recognised and recorded for the purposes of a hate incident.

  • Race, colour, ethnic origin, nationality, or national origins
  • Religion
  • Gender or gender identity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disability
  • Age
  • Any other lifestyle choice or perceived vulnerability

This includes people who are homeless, rough sleepers, sex workers, goths, and punks.

Domestic abuse is not included in this definition.

Examples of hate crime incidents include

  • Verbal abuse, threats, insults, nuisance telephone calls, name-calling, and intimidation
  • Physical assaults and attacks on the person
  • Attacks against the person's property, such as offensive graffiti, broken windows, and damaged cars
  • Setting fires
  • Publishing and distributing leaflets and newspapers that are likely to incite hate crime
  • Being singled out and treated differently by other residents because you are not the same as them

Reporting hate crime or hate incidents

In an emergency, always call 999.

You can report hate crime online or call 101. If you’d prefer to speak to a police officer in person, visit a police station. Merseyside Police can provide a safe and comfortable environment at any of their police stations.

Other contacts

They will pass your report or concerns to local organisations including Merseyside Police and Knowsley Council.

Residents also have the option to report any incident of hate crime at a Safe Haven, located at community fire stations across Merseyside, including Knowsley:

  • Kirkby Community Fire Station, 20 Webster-Drive, Liverpool L32 8SJ
  • Prescot Community Fire & Police Station, Cables Way, Prescot L34 1QG

Safe Havens are available to residents at any time there are officers on site. If the fire station is closed and you need immediate assistance, all fire stations have yellow phone boxes outside the building that will connect you to the Emergency Response Control Room.


Merseyside Police are also available 24/7 to deal with your non-emergency reports and enquiries.

If you wish to contact Merseyside Police, for non-emergencies please call 101 or use the following social media channels.


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