Domestic abuse perpetrators

Domestic abuse is any behaviour that hurts or controls another person. If you are abusive, there is help available to break the cycle.

Domestic abuse is any behavior that threatens, sexually assaults, harasses, physically attacks, controls, intimidates, or psychologically, emotionally, or financially abuses another person. It can happen between intimate partners, people who live in the same household, or family members.

Domestic abuse is rarely a one-time incident. It tends to get worse and happen more often over time, sometimes ending in death.

If you are abusive to the people you love and care about, there are agencies that can help you break the cycle of abuse.

Blaming someone else for your behavior or actions is abuse. It takes courage and strength to admit that you need help. You can choose to acknowledge your responsibility and choose to stop.

Services available

Knowsley Council Safer Communities Domestic Abuse Service

The Choices Pathway


0151 443 2610




0808 802 4040


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