Council Tax Valuation Bands

Council Tax is charged on most homes. It does not matter whether the home is rented or owned, or whether it is lived in or not. Each home is placed in one of eight valuation bands by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) based on the amount it would have sold for on 1 April 1991. Your property’s band is shown on the front of your bill. More information on valuation bands is available at

You may be able to appeal against the valuation band, if you have become liable for the Council Tax for the property within the last six months; or, there has been a change in the building or physical state of the local area, which could affect the value of your home. For more information, you can call: 03000 501 501, visit: or write to: Valuation Office Agency, Durham Customer Service Centre, Wycliffe House, Green Lane, Durham, DH1 3UW.

You must continue to pay your Council Tax in full pending any appeal decision.

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