Current policies, plans and strategies

Find out more information and the current policies, plans and strategies including Knowsley 2030.

This section highlights information on several key plans and strategies across the Council and the wider Knowsley Better Together partnership.

Knowsley 2030

The council has worked closely with local strategic partners, residents, businesses and other stakeholders to co-produce the Knowsley 2030 strategy. The strategy focuses on five strategic outcomes which set out that, by 2030, Knowsley will be a place:

  • where strong and safe communities can shape their future;
  • where people are active and healthy and have access to the support they need;
  • where people of all ages are confident and can achieve their full potential;
  • with a thriving, inclusive economy with opportunities for people and business; and,
  • with welcoming, vibrant, well-connected neighbourhoods and town centres.

Take a look at the delivery plan.

Knowsley Council Plan

The Knowsley Council Plan 2022-2025 has a clear vision of ‘Supporting Knowsley’s People and Communities to Thrive’ and is focused on three key priorities:

  1. Effective support for those in need
  2. Inclusive growth and skills
  3. Achieving net zero by 2040.

Developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Knowsley Council Plan considers the future opportunities and ambitions for local people whilst dealing with the long-standing challenges facing Knowsley residents and communities as the borough moves into recovery from the pandemic and beyond.

Knowsley Local Plan Core Strategy

View the Knowsley Local Plan Core Strategy.

City Region

Knowsley is working together with other local authorities to address key issues. The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority provides transparent and accountable strategic decision-making for economic development, transport, strategic housing and employment and skills functions. 

COVID-19 Outbreak Management Plan 

As part of the borough’s plans for recovery from COVID-19, we have developed an Outbreak Management Plan. 

The plan describes the coordinated efforts of the council and partners to prevent outbreaks of COVID-19 and how we will support the national NHS Test and Trace programme.

Also included in the plan is the governance arrangements should an outbreak be declared in Knowsley. 

You can download the plan here.

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