About the Merseyside Police and Crime Panel

Find out about what the Merseyside Police and Crime Panel is, how it is funded and what its responsibilities are.

The Merseyside Police and Crime Panel examine the actions and decisions of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC). The Panel make sure information is available for the public so that they can hold the PCC to account.

The Panel’s responsibilities include:

  • Contributing to the development of the PCC’s police and crime plan.
  • Making comments on the PCC’s annual report at a public meeting.
  • Scrutinising the PCC’s proposed council tax precept.
  • Confirming the appointments of the chief constable and the PCC’s senior support staff.
  • Making reports and recommendations to the PCC.
  • Dealing with complaints about the PCC.

The Panel is made up of ten elected representatives (councillors) from the local authorities within the Merseyside police force area, plus two independent co-opted members.

Knowsley Council is the host authority for the Merseyside Police and Crime Panel. Information about meetings of the Panel, including agendas and minutes can be found here.

Copies of formal reports/recommendations submitted by the Panel to the Police and Crime Commissioner are also available, along with the formal responses from the Commissioner to the panel reports.

How the panel is funded

The Home Office provide up to £53,300 in funding for each panel each year to cover support and running costs. Expenses of up to £920 are also available to each member.

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