Apply for a duplicate Hackney Carriage plate/badge, licence document, brackets or mounting kit

Find out how to request a replacement for a lost or damaged plate/badge, licence document, brackets or mounting kit.

When completing this form, you must select which duplicate items you require.

If you only require a duplicate licence document, selecting any of the ‘Hackney Carriage’ options will allow you to request.

Please select the' Hackney Carriage Badge and Plate' option if you require a duplicate badge and a duplicate plate or licence document.

If you only require brackets or a mounting kit, please select the ‘Hackney Carriage Plate’ option.

As part of the application process, you will be required to pay the relevant fee by card.

Request duplicate item

All licence documents will be issued as a PDF via email. The badges or plates will be printed and made available for collection. 

Brackets and mounting kits will also be made available for collection.

You will receive an email within two working days of submitting your application containing an appointment time for collection.

Expenses incurred in submitting a duplicate item request will not be refunded under any circumstances once issued.

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