Caravan sites

Are you looking to open a caravan site in the Knowsley borough? Find out more about the application process here.

Under the Caravan Sites (Control of Development) Act 1960, owners of temporary and permanent residential caravan sites must obtain a licence and comply with the conditions attached to the licence.

About caravan site licences

On permanent residential sites, the homes are more often referred to as park homes than caravans. Park homes are subject to licensing by the local council, which ensures that the safety and welfare of residents is safeguarded.

The council can use the licensing process to set standards for the park and its facilities, such as the condition of the roads, the provision of services, and the safety of the homes. The council can also require the park owner to make any necessary alterations to the park or its facilities, subject to prior approval.

In addition to licensing, some developments on park home sites may also require planning permission from the local council. This is typically the case for new developments or for major changes to existing developments.

How to apply 

Please contact the Environmental Health Service on 0151 443 4712 or email

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