Charitable collections permits

If you want to carry out charitable collections within the borough of Knowsley, either house-to-house or in the street, you will need to apply for a permit from Knowsley Council.

Please take a look at these documents for more information:

In respect of applications for Street Collection Permits, tacit consent applies. Therefore if you have not heard from us after 21 days, your application will be deemed as granted.

In respect of House to House Collections, tacit consent does not apply. It is in the public interest that the council fully considers applications of this nature before granting them.

Please be aware that due to the current outbreak of Coronavirus, some delays will be inevitable and so we would advise the submission of applications with as much notice as possible before the intended collection dates. Exemption holders and those intending to collect direct debit pledges need not apply but are advised to consider the advice provided by the Institute of Fundraising. For further information, please read their Code of Fundraising Practice.

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