Apply to attach advertisements to lampposts

If you would like to attach something to a lamppost, you will need to apply for a Section 178 Licence. Find out more here.

Examples of attachments

  • Fire hydrant signs
  • Bus stops and timetables
  • Special event signage
  • Directions to housing developments
  • Neighbourhood Watch signs
  • Blind persons referencing points
  • Police notices, surveillance cameras and similar equipment

Attachments to lighting columns

This includes festive Lighting, hanging baskets, pennants, and banner attachments.

Type of Load Lighting Columns Maximum Dimensions Height above ground
No-waiting plate All Area 0.10m2 Symmetrical
Neighbourhood Watch sign All Area 0.15m2 Symmetrical
Litter bin or dog foul bin All 600mm high x 400mm wide Top 900mm above ground level
Other signs, bus transponders and trackers All Area 0.30m2 Symmetrical
Festive Lighting Lighting Columns > 8m height 1.3m high x 1.0m wide. Maximum weight 4.8kg; or a 40m span of festive lights held on a catenary wire 5.3m above ground level to the lowest point of the Festive Lighting
Hanging Baskets (two) All 1.0m high, including suspension wires/chains etc x 0.75m diameter wide. Maximum weight 20kg each Symmetrical 2.5m above ground level to the bottom of the hanging basket
Pennants (one) Flexible devices fixed at top and one bottom corner only Lighting Columns > 8m height 1.61m high x 0.76m wide 2.5m above ground level to lowest point of Pennant
Banners (one) Flexible devices fixed along the top and bottom Lighting Columns > 8m height 3.6m high x 0.9m wide 6.4m above ground level to top fixing
CCTV Equipment (one) on offset bracket Lighting Columns > 8m height Size and weight 600mm diameter sphere. Maximum weight 17kg Maximum height above ground level 8m
Environmental Monitoring Equipment (one) on offset bracket Lighting Columns > 8m height Size and weight 400mm long x 200mm wide x 200mm high. Maximum weight 4.8kg
Maximum height above ground level 3m
Telecommunication Equipment Lighting Columns > 8m height Size and weight 300mm high x 75mm wide. Maximum weight 2.0kg Maximum height above ground level 8m


If the application is approved, you will need to pay a non-refundable administration fee. Costs depends on the number of attachments applied for:

Number of attachments Price (VAT exempt)
1-5  £258
6-20 £337
21-50 £429
50+ To be agreed based on quantity and detail.
Fitting by council of authorised attachments to column Quote will be given for actual cost incurred, from Enerveo (formerly known as SSE).

Payment should be made via cheque, for the correct amount, made payable to Knowsley MBC. 

Where to post your cheque 

Kelly Billingsley 

Street Lighting PFI Contract,

Knowsley Council

Stretton Way Depot


L36 6JF

Fitting the attachment

You can fit the attachments yourself as long as you have a valid S178 Licence and insurance to cover any accidental damage that may be caused when fitting.

If you would like the council to fit your attachment then please contact us for a quote

Your application

Insurance requirements

To ensure the safety of others, all Section 178 Licence applications must include proof of valid Public Liability Indemnity Insurance with a minimum coverage of £5 million.

Licence duration and extension

Section 178 Licences are valid for one year (12 months) from the date of issue. You can submit a request to extend the licence before it expires.

Restrictions and suitability

Attachments are not permitted on signposts or lampposts that already have existing attachments. This is to ensure safety and maintain visual clarity in public spaces.

Download an application

Please return the application form to

You should receive a response within 14 days of your application being received.

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