Fly tipping

Information on appropriate waste disposal and how to report fly tipping incidents.

Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of waste and is considered a crime. 

Fly tipping is dangerous, damages the environment and costs a huge amount of money to clean up each year. 

Abandoned rubbish can lead to increased rodent activity, the perception of increased crime levels, and overall safety concerns. It also encourages others to dump their rubbish there. 

Fly tipping in Knowsley 

Not all fly tipping collections are the responsibility of Knowsley Council, please read the information below before reporting, to ensure you are reporting the issue to the correct organisation.

You can also report major incidents of fly tipping to the Environment Agency on 0800 555 111.

If the fly tipping is on a Social Landlord’s property such as Livv Housing Group, Riverside Housing or ForHousing you must contact them directly to arrange for the fly tipping to be removed. 

How to report fly tipping to Knowsley Council

If you would like to report fly tipping to Knowsley Council, please click below.

 The report will be passed to the Streetscene Service who will remove fly tipped items from council owned land within five working days.

We treat fly tipping very seriously and anyone caught will be prosecuted.

Report fly tipping

Contact Social Landlords

LIVV Housing


0300 123 5522

Riverside Housing

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