Dog control orders

New dog control orders in Knowsley require owners to carry bags, keep dogs on leads, and stay out of certain areas. Find out more here.

Knowsley Council has introduced a new Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) to promote responsible dog ownership in the borough. Anyone who fails to comply with the PSPO could face a fine of up to £100.

The PSPO requires dog owners to

  • Always carry a bag or other means of cleaning up after their dog.
  • Keep their dog on a lead at all times in council-owned cemeteries, allotments, and golf courses.
  • Not take their dog into certain enclosed children's play areas, games areas, or areas used for sport and leisure.
  • Remove their dog's mess if it fouls.
  • Put their dog on a lead if instructed to do so by an authorized officer.

The PSPO will be in place for three years from the commencement date.


Read the PSPO in full here. 

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