Help with furniture and white goods

The scheme may support you if you need furniture / white goods to help you settle back into the community under specific circumstances or to avoid having to enter institutional care.

You may be eligible for emergency support if:

  • If you are leaving care, leaving prison, fleeing domestic violence, homeless and leaving Local Authority temporary accommodation, e.g. a hostel, homeless accommodation, or a hotel.
  • If you are at risk of going into institutional care, where the essential item/s would prevent you from going into care.

Please note:

  • If you have received one of the DWP benefits for six months or more, to be eligible for our scheme, you must have previously applied for and been refused support from the DWP through Budgeting Loans/Budgeting Advance.  Otherwise, we will not be able to consider an application for support with furniture / white goods (visit
  • You will be asked for the original copy of the budgeting loan/advance refusal letter before proceeding with your Emergency Support Scheme application.
  • This scheme does not provide aids, adaptations or other items which would normally be provided from other sources of funding/support.
  • Our scheme does not provide replacement items for broken or damaged furniture or white goods.
  • Applications will be accepted via a support worker, such as a social worker or probation officer. If you do not have a support worker, we may consider a direct application from you.

Before you start your application, please ensure the following documents are ready to upload when you apply. 

Please note this must be a .jpg, .jpeg or .png file type. Alternatively, you can upload documents at your local library self-serve scanning station once you have submitted your application.

  • A letter from your support worker or someone who is helping you which confirms your circumstances and supports your application.
  • If you have been claiming DWP benefits for more than six months - proof your budgeting loan has been refused, or if you have an existing loan, proof of the balance and the date payments will end.
  • Proof you have been offered or accepted the tenancy, e.g. a letter from the landlord or a signed tenancy agreement.
  • Any other information which supports your application.

If your application is complete, our target is to deal with it within 14 days. If you cannot provide the information/evidence at the time of your application, you must provide it as soon as possible. This can be done via the self-serve scanning station at your local library, by email or via our website. If it is not received within one calendar month, your application may be treated as withdrawn or refused.

If you are eligible for support with essential items, please be aware these could be reconditioned or second-hand.

There is a limit to the value of support that you can receive in a three-year period.  Once you have reached this limit, you will no longer be able to apply.
If we cannot help you, we will do our best to signpost you to somewhere we think can help. Alternatively, use this link to find out more about the other financial advice and support available to you.

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