Knowsley Shared Lives Scheme

Find out more about support available for adults and young people with disabilities to live independently in their own homes, with the help of carers.

About is Shared Lives and why it is different

Shared Lives helps you to live just like anyone else in the community.  It’s for people aged 18 or above and who have a learning disability, mental ill health or autism, or another support need. It helps you to be more independent and lead the life you want to live.

In Shared Lives we find and check out (approve) people who want to share their home and support someone. We call these people Shared Lives carers. You will be matched with a Shared Lives carer who you want to spend time with.

Unlike other forms of care you may have used before, Shared Lives is different because you will not be supported in a Social Services building. Instead you will be based in the community, with care provided from the Shared Lives carer’s own home.   

Sometimes you will live in your carer’s home for short periods of a few days, or one or two weeks. Or you might live with your carer for a longer period of time – months or even years.

You will also meet and get to know your carer first, before starting any Shared Lives arrangement. We always make sure you are happy with your carer first!

In most cases you will be supported individually by your carer. However they might also live with other family members, who you will get to know and spend time with. 

In Shared Lives we put you at the very centre, and together we plan services with you that help you develop your skills and lifestyle. For example, you may be able to develop or continue any hobbies or things you like doing.

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