Bins, Waste and Environment

Household waste is collected weekly, alternating between general waste one week and recycling the next. Garden waste is collected once every three weeks during the gardening season. Bin collections

If you want to dispose of large or heavy items which won’t go into your household waste bin, you can arrange for them to be collected separately. Book a large item collection

Pests can pass on disease and cause damage to your property. If you are having problems with rats, mice or insect pests at your home or business, you can book a pest control visit to investigate and carry out humane, environmentally-safe treatments.


You can check the standards of hygiene at a wide range of food businesses to help you choose where to eat or shop for food. Food outlet hygiene ratings.

Japanese knotweed – also known as Fallopia japonica – is an invasive, non-native plant. Japanese knotweed.

Use our online services to report an issue

There are two tips in Knowsley where you can dispose of a wide range of items. By taking your waste and unwanted goods to these tips, we can dispose of them appropriately and recycle wherever possible. Tips and recycling.

Knowsley MBC operates three air quality monitoring stations within the borough.