Landlord events

A benefit for private landlords in signing up to the Knowsley Landlord Accreditation Scheme includes receiving help and advice from Knowsley Council.

This page contains information about the help and opportunities that come with signing up to the scheme - all free for accredited private landlords.

We want private landlords in Knowsley to provide a good, professional service for their tenants and safe private sector rented housing. That is why we work with landlords who are signed up to the Knowsley Landlord Accreditation Scheme in order to:

  • Ensure private landlords are informed about the changes in regulations and legislations
  • Help them understand their responsibilities
  • Offer training
  • Provide opportunities to meet other private landlords


We want to keep private landlords updated with:

  • Updates on government legislation
  • Best practice and tips to help run their business
  • Updates and wider information linked to the private rented sector
  • Upcoming events for private landlords

The landlord newsletter is sent out by email to accredited landlords. Below are previous newsletters to give you a taster - for more, make sure you join the Knowsley Landlord Accreditation Scheme.

Previous issues

Landlord events

We will be hosting landlord events in the future, to keep up to date with all the latest legislation and changes in the private rented sector.

Our events provide private landlords with opportunities to meet Knowsley Council and other landlords. The events are a good place to:

  • Promote good quality accommodation in Knowsley
  • Encourage good practice
  • Share experiences of letting accommodation in Knowsley
  • Increase awareness of changes in legislation and procedures
  • Allow Knowsley Council to consult with private landlords on new policies

Make sure you check your e-mails and this page for updates on landlord events.

Latest presentations


As part of Knowsley’s Landlord Accreditation Scheme, the council provides in-depth training sessions for landlords on relevant topics including new legislation. This training is suitable for anyone involved in letting out property in Knowsley - from a new landlord to an established landlord.

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