Request a care assessment

As you get older, you may need extra care to help you to live independently in your home. A care assessment will help identify your needs and find the best way to provide care and support. There is no charge for the assessment.

If you are a carer you are eligible for a care assessment. 

What the assessment involves

A social worker will carry out the assessment. It is your chance to tell them what you can do for yourself and what you are having difficulty with. This may include:

  • Help with feeding, bathing, dressing and toileting
  • Help getting in and out of the bath or shower
  • Help with domestic chores
  • Support with mental health needs

Relatives or friends can be present and we will take their views into account, with your permission. We will also speak to your GP.

If a relative or friend provides regular care, we will also assess their needs to make sure they have the right support in place to continue caring for you.

We will assess your need for support based on the fair access to care eligibility criteria (PDF). This will look at the risks to your independence.

After the assessment

After we have assessed your needs we will carry out a financial assessment based on our fairer charging policy (PDF) and tell you if you need to pay anything.

We will then agree with you when your package of support will start.  If your circumstances change, you should contact us to be re-assessed.

Request an assessment

Contact the Knowsley Access Team on 0151 443 2600 if you would like to find out more or request an assessment. The Live Well Directory website provides more detail about care assessments.