Educational psychology

The Educational Psychology Service supports improved educational attendance and attainment by working with individuals, groups and at the whole school level.

Educational Psychologists work with early years and school age children and offer support to school staff and families. All of the Educational Psychologists’ work is based on the practical application of psychological theory, which places emphasis on understanding the personal perspective of the individual.

Our Educational Psychologists are flexible and reflective and can take a constructive approach to problem solving and service delivery.

In addition to meeting statutory requirements they provide consultation and assessment of children and young people to assist in providing appropriate support to meet their individual needs.

What we offer:

  • Assessment and intervention though consultation
  • Extended therapeutic work
  • Individual sessions
  • Systemic work
  • Research
  • Group work
  • Training

To get a quote or find out more contact:

Mark Allerton
Acting Principal Educational Psychologist
0151 443 2057 or 443 8635.