Apply to attach advertisements to lampposts - S178 Licence

Who To Contact

Highways and Transportation
Stretton Way, 
L36 6JF



If you’d like to attach something to a lamppost you will need permission from the council – this is known as a S178 Licence. 

Examples of attachments include:

  • Fire hydrant signs
  • Bus stops and timetables
  • Special event signage
  • Directions to housing developments
  • Neighbourhood Watch signs
  • Blind persons referencing points
  • Police notices, surveillance cameras and similar equipment


Download and complete the application form, then post to:
Kirsty Morris
Highways and Transportation
Knowsley Council
Stretton Way
L36 6JF

Email to –

S178 application form (PDF)

Included in the application, you must provide a valid copy of Public Liability Indemnity Insurance (minimum of £5m).
S178 Licences are valid for a 12 month period, although after this has lapsed an extension request can be submitted.

You should receive a response within 14 days of your application being received.

Fees and Payment

If the application is approved, you will need to pay a non-refundable administration fee. Costs depends on the number of attachments applied for:

  • One to five attachments: £214 (VAT exempt)
  • Six to 20 attachments: £285 (VAT exempt)
  • 21 to 50 attachments: £356 (VAT exempt)
  • 50+ authorised attachements: to be agreed based on quantity and detail
  • Fitting by council of authorised attachments to column: quote given for actual cost incurred, from SSE

Payment should be made via cheque, for the correct amount, made payable to Knowsley MBC. Please post cheques to the address shown above, for the attention of Kirsty Morris.

Fitting the attachment

You can fit the attachments yourself as long as you have a valid S178 Licence and insurance to cover accidental damage that may be caused when fitting the attachments.

An individual quote can be provided if you would like the council to fit attachments