Knowsley Council – Equality and Diversity Operational Staff Working Groups

The Knowsley Black and Minority Workers’ Group (KBMWG) vision is to 'promote respect and value diverse cultures within Knowsley', and they are committed to challenging all forms of discrimination, racial harassment and bullying to promote race equality in employment and in the delivery of services.
The Disability workers' group meet to discuss issues surrounding disability within Knowsley. The council recognises that people are disabled by society and not their impairment. The group advises on all policy and procedure. They also provide a networking opportunity across the groups to discuss common issues and link with similar employee forums in other local authorities.

Knowsley Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender + Forum aims to promote the council positively as an employer which is supportive of the LGBT+ workforce, as well as promoting LGBT+ within the larger community. It acts as a consultation forum on new and existing policies and strategies and participates within equality impact assessment processes with the view to improving and influencing change. Through the group there is a robust and systematic process for exchanging ideas, problem solving and information sharing, this then raises awareness and reduces discrimination within the workplace.
Knowsley Multi-Faith and Belief Group is a welcoming and caring community of people who value faith and belief in the workplace and meet to explore and express these values and provide opportunities for others to do so. Our aims are to: · Celebrate and increase the appreciation of faith and belief in the workplace. · Offer support and community to colleagues who have a personal faith or who are seeking to explore their beliefs. · Challenge prejudice and inappropriate behaviour in relation to faith and belief in the workplace, where necessary.
The Women's operational workers’ groups primary focus is the consideration of women's equality issues relative to every aspect of employment and service delivery. It provides advice and guidance which contributes to the Equality and Diversity agenda of Knowsley Council, particularly as women make up the majority of the total workforce. The Women's Operational Workers' Group provides feedback in relation to council policies, procedures and strategies to the equality and diversity implementation group. The group also promotes International Women's Day.
Knowsley Carers Forum provides support for staff who having caring responsibilities. More and more of our workforce are juggling work and caring for someone they love. This can be a difficult time and the group aims to offer information and support.