Halsnead Garden Village

Halsnead Garden Village is the largest combined housing and employment site in the Liverpool City Region and one of only 14 sites in England awarded Garden Village Status by the Government.

Halsnead will deliver approximately 1,600 homes and at least 22.5ha of employment land, securing in the region of 900 net jobs and £40.5m of net Gross Value Added (GVA) per annum), together with a new Country Park.
SIF funding will support the provision of transport infrastructure to deliver these significant economic benefits by ensuring the site is viable and attractive for development.
The scheme focuses on improving access to the site, and ensuring adequate capacity and resilience of the existing surrounding highway network; the key deliverables are the development of 9 new access junctions and capacity improvements at an additional 7 existing junctions including M62 Junction 6 ‘Tarbock Island’.