Polling District Review - July 2019

Who To Contact

Yvonne Ledgerton
Assistant Executive Director (Governance and Assets)

Knowsley Metropolitan Council
Municipal Buildings
Archway Road
L36 9YU

The council has commenced a statutory review of the borough’s polling districts and polling places.

As part of this review, your views are sought in order to inform future elections. This includes:

  • Do you find your polling station convenient to get to?
  • How accessible it is? (for example if you’re a wheelchair user)
  • Do you think that this is the best location? If not, can you suggest other locations in your local area?
  • If you are happy with the current arrangements, we’d also like you to feed back comments that you are happy with these arrangements.

You can submit comments via email or in writing. The closing date for comments is Tuesday 16 July 2019.

Please email elections@knowsley.gov.uk or you can write to Yvonne Ledgerton, Assistant Executive Director of Governance and Assets.