Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022-25

We would like to hear your views on Knowsley’s draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022-2025 (PNA).
Knowsley’s Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) is developing a new PNA. This is a statutory HWB responsibility, as set out under the NHS (Pharmaceutical Services and Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2013(SI 2013 No. 349).

It is produced every three years to assess whether the provision of pharmacies and pharmaceutical services in Knowsley are sufficient to meet the current and future needs of the local population. The PNA is mainly used by NHS England to consider applications to open a new pharmacy, move an existing pharmacy or to commission additional services from a pharmacy.

The draft PNA must undergo a 60-day statutory consultation, the main aims of this are:

  • To encourage constructive feedback from a variety of stakeholders
  • To ensure a wide range of primary care health professionals provide opinions and views on what is contained within the PNA

The Knowsley PNA consultation will run from 20 June to 20 August 2022, however, responses up to 9am on 21 August will be accepted.

All responses must be in writing.

How to find out more and get involved

Please read the Knowsley draft PNA 2022-25.
Then fill in the online survey to share your views:

(If you would prefer to fill in the form electronically and e-mail to the above e-mail address, download it here.)


Knowsley Council has decided to run this consultation electronically in order to limit the impact on the environment. However, if you require a paper version of the PNA or any other assistance please contact Heather Baxter by e-mail: or on 0151 443 3380 who will arrange to provide this within 14 days of your request.

If you would prefer to fill in the form electronically and e-mail to the above e-mail address the form can be found here.

How will the feedback be used?

 Your feedback is important as it will be used to help finalise the PNA which will be in place for the next three years.
Following the consultation, responses will be reviewed by the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment steering group on behalf of the Health and Wellbeing Board. The steering group includes representatives from the Local Authority, Clinical Commissioning Group, Local Pharmaceutical Committee and Healthwatch.
A consultation report will be included within the final PNA document. This will provide an overview of the feedback received (no person will be identifiable) and set out how the comments have been acted upon.

What happens next?

Once the draft PNA is reviewed and updated by the PNA Steering Group, a final version will be published on 1 October 2022, available to view on the Health and Wellbeing Board website. The final version will also be presented to the Knowsley Health and Wellbeing Board.
The PNA is a ‘dynamic’ document which must consider future developments that could influence the demand for pharmaceutical services. Any changes will be closely monitored and reviewed to ensure we are able to respond to the needs of our population for pharmacy services.

A Supplementary statement will also be produced if there are any changes to the availability or need for pharmaceutical services.