Millbrook Park Millennium Green Consultation Survey

The council is carrying out a consultation asking residents for their views on proposals to bring improvements to Millbrook Park Millennium Green in Kirkby.

The improvements would see the creation of a new circular all-weather path, wetland improvements, as well as entrance improvements.

The council is working with The Millbrook Park Millennium Green Trust to secure external funding to deliver the proposed Path and Wetland Improvement Plan. 

Please take a few minutes to look at the Path and Habitat Improvement Plan below and complete the consultation survey. The closing date for comments is 26 October 2020 .

Millbrook Park Improvement Plan

Proposed entrance improvement from Kirkby Row into Millbrook Park Millennium Green:

Proposed entrance improvement from Kirkby Row into Millbrook Park Millennium Green.

Woodland glade grass walk
Mow paths to follow the desire lines through and behind the woodland.
Manage Himalayan Balsam
A substantial amount of Himalayan Balsam requires managing / removing.
Footpath repair
Path to be raised above water level. Clear vegetation from
path to full width back to the existing timber edge board.
Top up bound gravel path as required.
Wetland management
Runcus species dominates and requires thinning and
then include other species to create more interest and
increase biodiversity.

Replace missing seat

View a map of the planned improvements (PDF)

If you would like further information about the Millbrook Park Millennium Green Path and Habitat Improvement Plan please contact Cath Sheil, Green Space Development Officer on 0151 443 2481 or email