Corporate Enforcement Policy

Who To Contact

Mike Leyden
EHCP Service
2nd Floor
Yorkon Building
L36 9FB

Knowsley Council is currently updating its Corporate Enforcement Policy.

The policy outlines the council’s approach to dealing with issues of regulatory non-compliance and includes the range of enforcement action that can be taken by authorised officers of the council when breaches of legislation are identified.

It provides a clear framework for transparent and accountable regulation and ensures consistency of approach when breaches are reported.

The policy applies to businesses found in breach of their obligations and to residents who may be subject to council action for offences such as littering or failing to clear dog fouling.

The update reflects changes to legislation and government guidance.

A public consultation has now opened for businesses and residents to provide comments on the draft policy.

View the draft Corporate Enforcement Policy.

Feedback can be supplied via email – or please write to Mike Leyden, EHCP service, 2nd Floor, Yorkon Building, Huyton L36 9FB.

The closing date for comments is Friday 25 October 2019.