Community Governance Review of parish and town councils – draft proposals

Knowsley Council agreed at a full Council meeting of Wednesday, 20 September 2017 to carry out a community governance review of the existing parish and town councils within the borough, focusing on their electoral arrangements. 

In this context, “electoral arrangements” means all of the following:

  • the year in which ordinary elections of councillors are to be held;
  • the number of councillors to be elected to each council;
  • the division (or not) of the parish into wards for the purpose of electing councillors;
  • the number and boundaries of any such wards;
  • the number of councillors to be elected for any such ward; and
  • the name of any such ward.

The Council undertook an initial round of consultation between 29 September and 10 November 2017 and has now agreed a number of draft proposals for further consultation. These propoals are based upon the representations received in the first round of consultation. They also take into account the requirement set out in statutory guidance for the Council to have regard to:

  • the need to secure that community governance reflects the identities and interests of the community in the area under review; and 
  • the need to secure that community governance in that area is effective and convenient.

What are the proposals?

No change is proposed to the year in which ordinary elections of Councillors to each parish and town council are held. In addition, no change is proposed to the warding arrangements previously agreed by the Boundary Commission (i.e. in terms of the division and names of parish wards) for each parish and town council. However, there are a number of changes proposed in respect of the number of Councillors to be elected to each parish and town council as follows:


Name of parish/town council Name of parish ward Number of Councillors Recommended change to existing number of Councillors
Cronton Parish Council Unwarded 8 Reduce from 10 to 8
Halewood Town Council Halewood North 6 No change
Halewood South 6
Knowsley Town Council Knowsley Park 3 Overall reduction from 16 to 12
Stockbridge 9
Prescot Town Council Prescot North 7 Overall reduction from 17 to 12
Prescot South 5
Whiston Town Council Whiston North 4 Overall reduction from 14 to 12
Whiston South 8

Further information on these proposals is available in the Community Governance Review report to Council on 24 January 2018. Background information is also available in the Council report dated 20 September 2017 and the Boundary Commission Statutory Guidance.

The closing date for responses to the second phase of consultation  is Monday, 19 March 2018.

A further (and final) consultation process will take place later this year.  Further details (once agreed) will be available on the council’s website – – and in each of the four One Stop Shops (in Halewood, Huyton, Kirkby and Prescot). 

You can provide feedback on the draft proposals by completing the online form below, emailing or write to Community Governance Review, Democratic Services, Municipal Buildings, Archway Road, Huyton, Knowsley, Merseyside L36 9YU.