Budget Savings Consultation - Response

The council needs to find £16.8m of budget savings over the next three years as it manages further funding cuts imposed by central government. Residents have provided feedback on the budget savings options as part of a recent consultation and all feedback received is presented here.


The Budget Savings Options will be presented to Cabinet on 22 February 2017 and Council on 8 March 2017.

Not all options received an indiviudal response. General comments concerning the options for savings were also collated and can be viewed here.

Feedback about Adult Social Care services in general was also received:
Adult Social Care comments
Adult Social Care - Learning Disabilities comments

Click on each savings option to view each individual response received during the consultation period.

Option Ref No. Savings Option
3.02 School Attendance Service
3.04 SEND Educational Psychology Service
5.01 Children's Centres
5.02 Early Help with partners
5.03 Early Years support
5.04 14 - 19 service
7.02 Children with Disabilities team
8.01 Social Worker training costs
8.03 Extra Care facilities for Adults with Learning Disabilities
8.04 Assisting Adults with Learning Disabilities into employment
8.05 Assistive Technology for Learning Disability service users
8.06 Sleeping night services for Adults with Learning Disabilities
8.07 Specialist Housing for Adults with Learning Disabilities
8.08 0 - 25 yrs Learning Disability Service
8.10 Adult Mental Health - Community and Housing Support
8.11 Service Redesign - Mental Health Provision
8.12 Review of Domiciliary Care Provision
8.14 Direct Payment Costs for Older People
8.15 Assistive Technology in Extra Care
8.16 Independent Living Fund
8.17 Reablement service (Phase 2)
9.02 Integrated Commissioning Arrangements
10.01 Business Case for an Alternative Delivery Model
10.02 Prevention and early intervention
10.03 Assistive Technology in Supported Living
10.04 Personalised support
10.05 Respite provision
10.07 Premises Costs
10.08 Community assets for more choice for older people.
12.01 Culture and Communities programme
12.05 Co-location of services at Huyton Library.
12.06 Cease Mobile Library Service and remodel Home Delivery Service
12.07 School Library Service
12.08 Page Moss Library
13.04 NHS health check programme
13.06 Public Health funding for campaigns
13.10 Public Health contract savings; Primary School Healthy Weight Programme
13.11 Obesity programme
13.12 Oral Health
13.13 Activity for Life
19.01 Equality and Diversity service
19.02 Neighbourhood Development
19.03 Voluntary Sector
25.01 Building Control
27.03 Contact Centre
27.04 Customer liaison
27.05 One Stop Shops
31.01 Financial Assessment
31.02 Commissioned Advice Services
31.04 Revenues and Benefits
99.06 Parish and Town Councils