Planning Application Local Validation Requirements

This Planning Application Local Validation Requirements list has been produced by Knowsley Council in order to set out a procedure for deciding whether applications (made under the Town and Country Planning Acts), when they are submitted to us, have the correct level of supporting information in order for us to be able to make a decision.  If an application on receipt has the correct level of supporting information then it is considered to be ‘’valid’’ and it can progress towards a decision. 

The local validation list aims to:

  • assist in ensuring that your application is valid when submitted;
  • ensure that all applications can be dealt with effectively and efficiently;  
  • respond positively to best practice advice issued by government; and,
  • ensure that Knowsley Council complies with legislation in relation to planning applications.

Health Impact Assessment

Knowsley Council is committed to health promoting environments through the Local Plan and the planning application process. Therefore, health impact assessments are required to be submitted on developments of a certain size (consult the Validation Checklist for specific requirements). Knowsley Council have designed a HIA template for use by developers to help frame the Knowsley context, guaranteeing plans are submitted that reflect Knowsley Council’s overarching priorities and ensuring all relevant concerns have been considered. It is suggested that this template, along with the explanation document, are used in relevant applications (including pre-applications where appropriate).


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