Apply for an allotment

Allotments can be used to grow fruit and vegetables for your own personal use.

There are seven allotment sites in Knowsley:

  • Delaware Crescent, Westvale, Kirkby, L32 0TB
  • Quernmore Road, Northwood, Kirkby, L33 6UN 
  • Glendevon Road, Huyton, L36 0XJ  
  • Cuper Crescent, Huyton, L36 3RP
  • Bowring Park, Roby Road,Huyton, L36 4HQ
  • Stadt Moers, Whiston Lane, Huyton, L36 6HN
  • Holland Road, Halewood, L26 1UF
  • Molyneux Drive, Prescot, L35 5DY

For enquiries about allotment availability at Delaware Allotments please email: [email protected]

Annual allotment fees and conditions 2023/24

Allotment size Cost per year
Quarter plot £21
Half plot £42
Full plot £84

Please note: There is a one-off set up cost of £27.50 (plus VAT) for a new tenant and a key charge of £16.50 (plus VAT).

You are also advised to join the National Allotment Society, which costs from £10 to £25 per year depending on the site.  Your tenancy agreement is renewed each year on the condition that your plot is properly maintained.

How to apply

In order for your details to be placed on any of the council's allotment waiting lists, please read the Allotment Application Form, and if you agree to the terms, fill in your details and send it to [email protected]

Your details will then be put on the allotment waiting list for your preferred allotment site (see above).
Please note that only Knowsley residents can apply for an allotment plot on one of our allotment sites.

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