Other things to consider

Insurance & Indemnity

The Borough of Knowsley will not be held responsible for any damage to property, or injury to any person arising from or in connection with the street party or other event.
It is your responsibility to consider whether to arrange an appropriate policy of insurance that will protect and indemnify you against any claim or cost arising from such an incident, that decision remains solely yours.  Further advice on obtaining such insurance can be found at www.streetparty.org


Please be considerate of neighbours who may not be participating in your event – remember there may also be shift workers or children trying to sleep even in the daytime. If you have to talk louder against any music, then it’s probably too loud for neighbours.
Noise travels further at night and if it is warm windows and doors may be open.  Please bear this in mind when planning what type of activities you may organise for the evening.

The council recommends that street parties finish no later than 9pm.

Traffic Management

The council does not have road signs that you can borrow and recommends that you hire appropriate signs and barriers from a local hire centre. Signs must be waterproof if weather is wet and reflective if your street party lasts into dusk/nightfall.


It is essential that you are also aware of the needs of others such as visiting doctors and nurses and other home visiting services and make suitable arrangements. 

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