Terms and conditions

1. Traffic Management

Residents need to give very clear road closure information to drivers.

All junctions adjoining the closed section of road should be signed and supported by other physical barriers.  Diversion signs should be put in place where necessary. “Road Closed” signs must be the correct size, colour and layout if the road closure is to be valid see image below. You can also find help at: http://www.streetparty.org.uk/road-closures.aspx .   
If your party carries on into dusk or dark your signs must also be reflective and you will need to hire or borrow official signs. 
Approximately one week before the event we will forward to you a copy of the road closure notice.  You should print off two copies and make them waterproof in some way as soon as possible after receipt then place a copy on a lighting column at either end of the affected section of road.  Please ensure you take the notices down as soon as the event is over.

2. Emergency services

Emergency services must be allowed full access to the road if required.  Do not put anything on the highway that cannot be immediately removed in case of an emergency.  Barbeques, mobile cookers and bouncy castles are not permitted on the pavement or streets.  Failure to plan for emergency access may mean delay in emergency services attending, which could cost lives.

3. Bunting

Bunting cannot be attached to street lighting columns or other street furniture.  If you do stretch bunting across the road it must be at least 6m high to allow for the passage of emergency vehicles.

4. Road Condition

The Council makes no warranty as to the suitability of the road for your event and will not inspect it beforehand to make sure that it is.

5. Street Cleansing

You agree to clean the street in order to return it to its condition prior to the closure

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