Gallery Takeover: Children Tackling Climate Change
Kirkby Gallery, 6-23 December 2021

This exhibition showcases the work of Primary and Secondary children from schools in Kirkby following a series of arts-based climate change projects in 2021 led by Edge Hill University.

The resulting visual, digital and performance art highlights children’s knowledge of climate change, their view of the challenge on a local level and their calls to action. They suggest small changes that we can all make, call for action on a larger scale but most importantly, ask everyone to act now.

This exhibition will challenge your views on climate change, expand your knowledge and we hope, change your behaviour too.  

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2015), climate change is “unequivocal” and “unprecedented”, with human activity a central factor. The goal in the United Kingdom has been an 80% reduction of CO₂ emissions in both domestic households and the workplace by 2050, so changing the everyday behaviour of the public and consumer choice is paramount.

This exhibition features the outputs of two climate change projects focused on developing young people’s knowledge of the issue through a series of taught sessions. Primary school pupils were then tasked to produce storyboards, stop-frame animations and videos synthesising their climate change knowledge and identifying ways we can all make changes to our behaviour. The Secondary school pupils shared their climate change knowledge through a series of arts-based sessions culminating in the production of visual art (posters), performance art (poetry and raps) and through a film documenting children’s understanding of climate change and changes in behaviours.

This exhibition has been made possible by the partnership between Edge Hill University, The Kirkby Collaborative Network of Schools and Kirkby Gallery.

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