Street cleansing

Our street cleansing service includes road sweeping, clearing leaves, litter picking, emptying litter bins, removal of abandoned vehicles, clearing dog fouling, fly tipping, removing dead animals from the highway, removal of syringes and needles, graffiti and fly posting removal.

What we do:

Leaf clearance

From mid-October to late December our cleansing teams work hard to clear leaves that have fallen from trees across the borough.
We will respond to reports of heavy leaf fall in your area as quickly as possible.
You can help by:

  • Take extra care when walking or driving on wet, leafy surfaces as they can become a slip hazard.
  • Being patient – we have limited resources and cannot clear all areas at once, especially if there has been extra leaf fall due to windy weather.
  • Use your household waste bins to dispose of leaf fall from your property. View information on waste collection services and the list of items that you can put in your waste bins.
  • Not sweeping leaves into the road from your property as this slows down our street cleansing operations. If you sweep leaves into the road after we have swept your street, we will not be able to return to your road again until the next scheduled visit.

Mechanical sweeping

Our Streetscene service is responsible for the cleansing of streets, pavements and pedestrian areas.

The sweepers remove items such as litter, debris and leaves. We use a combination of heavy goods vehicle mechanical sweepers for cleansing major road channels and compact sweepers for cleansing smaller, minor roads, cul-de-sacs, shop frontages and town centres.
We mechanically cleanse approximately 1366 km of highway on a four-weekly frequency.

We will also remove potentially dangerous substances such as highway spillages, broken glass and dog fouling.

All of our services are delivered in line with current health and safety legislation.

Other services


We also deal with the removal of abandoned vehicles, dog fouling, fly tipping, graffiti, litter and litter bin maintenance across the borough.

For further information or to report an issue please click on the links below:

Abandoned vehicles
Dog fouling

To report graffiti or to report an overflowing or damaged litter bin, please contact the council's contact centre on 0151 443 2400.

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