Maintaining our highways

Knowsley Council is responsible for maintaining all adopted roads and pavements across Knowsley. In this section you can find out more about how the council maintains these roads, from drainage and gully cleaning to potholes and road markings. You will also find details of scheduled repair works for roads across the borough.

NHT survey results 

The National Highways and Transport (NHT) Public Satisfaction Survey is a postal survey which is run annually. The survey, which covers the vast majority of Highways and Transport services, asks respondents to rate their satisfaction levels with different areas of service. It uses standard questions to allow for benchmarking comparisons between all participating authorities.
The NHT survey includes questions on perceptions and satisfaction with highways and transport services,  and also collects some data on the use of different transport modes and access to services.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Your views and comments are important to us. We would be grateful for any feedback regarding our customer service, including information we provide, how accessible customers feel we are, how we deal with enquires and how recent works were carried out and what you think of the results. Your answers will help us improve our service in the future.

If the survey contains a complaint or an issue, we will talk directly to the team responsible to look at the best way to resolve the situation. If there are suggestions on how to do things better, we again, use this information where possible to improve the way we work. If we do something well this information is fed back to the relevant person or team.

Most of all, the surveys tell us what we need to work on to make sure we continue to meet the expectations of our residents.

Highway Maintenance Programme

Our highway maintenance programme is based on an asset management approach. Asset management involves using robust data to make good, informed decisions about how we manage and maintain the highway network as effectively as possible.

The priorities for scheme selection are based on a number of weighting factors such as, condition data, number of safety defects, enquiries, location, usage, accident records, hierarchy and affordability.

The 2022-23 Highway Maintenance Programme can be found below.

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