Maintaining our highways

Knowsley Council is responsible for maintaining all adopted roads and pavements across Knowsley. In this section you can find out more about how the council maintains these roads, from drainage and gully cleaning to potholes and road markings. You will also find details of scheduled repair works for roads across the borough.

NHT survey results 

The National Highways and Transport (NHT) Public Satisfaction Survey is a postal survey which is run annually. The survey, which covers the vast majority of Highways and Transport services, asks respondents to rate their satisfaction levels with different areas of service. It uses standard questions to allow for benchmarking comparisons between all participating authorities.
The NHT survey includes questions on perceptions and satisfaction with highways and transport services,  and also collects some data on the use of different transport modes and access to services.

Carriageway Resurfacing Programme 2018-19

Find out the progress of the roads receiving treament in Knowsley's Highway Maintanance Programme. The priorities for scheme selection are based on a number of weighting factors such as condition data, number of safety defects, number of enquiries, its location, usage, accident records, hierarchy, and affordability.