ACE Youth Facility

A dedicated youth space is provided in the new Neighbourhood Centre.

‘ACE’ (Achieve, celebrate, experience) has been designed and developed by young people and will include a chill-out space, pool table, IT facilities and refreshment area. There will also be a range of activities and workshops taking place including dance, drama, and advice on teenage health.

For more information call 0151 443 5333 or 0151 443 2593.

Children's Centre

Acorn Children’s Centre and nursery is located in the same building at the new Stockbridge Village Primary School and provides a range of facilities and support for families in the area

The new Children’s Centre has recently been rated ‘good with outstanding features’ by Ofsted inspectors.

They found that the centre was “building a strong and increasingly positive reputation within the community and this has established trust and confidence in the staff, partners and the services it delivers”.

It also found the centre to be attractive and welcoming, offering value for money with well trained and experienced staff.

For more information call 0151 443 5301 or visit

Play Pathfinder

Knowsley was one of only 20 areas in the UK that was lucky enough to benefit from the Play Pathfinder programme that looked to improve the provision of play facilities for children aged 8 to 13 years old.

As part of the regeneration of the area, more than £250,000 was invested into new Play Pathfinder facilities in the heart of Stockbridge Village Centre. The new facilities were developed in consultation with local residents and more than 2000 local children.

Facilities include:

  • Criss-cross climbing net
  • ‘Observer’ climbing unit
  • Giant revolving disc
  • Tower with large slide
  • Metal bridge


Stockbridge Village Primary

The brand new Stockbridge Village Primary School is situated in the heart of the village centre, providing convenient access to the array of other facilities now available.

It has places for more than 200 pupils aged 5 to 11 years old and provides a state-of-the-art learning environment including a unique rooftop play deck.

The Withens

Stockbridge Village
L28 1SU
Tel: 0151 477 8020

St.Albert’s R.C. Primary School

Steers Croft
Stockbridge Village
L28 8AJ
Tel:0151 477 8560

St.Brigid’s R.C. Primary School

Waterpark Drive
Stockbridge Village
L28 7RE
Tel: 0151 477 8150


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