More about the Landlord Accreditation Scheme

What Standards does my property have to meet?

Properties must be free from Category 1 hazards present, as defined by the current Housing Standard for private let properties in the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) and will be subject to a survey from one of our assessors. 

What if my property fails to meet the standards

We will work with you to rectify any failures and agree a timeframe needed to carry out the works then carry out a re-inspection (You do not have to re-apply at this stage).

The assessor may also tell you about any long term issues in your property. Many of our accredited landlords take advantage of the free survey when they purchase a new property so they can build in any additional improvements during initial renovations and modernisations programmes.

What management standards do I have to meet?

You must agree to abide by the management standard set out in the management code of practise. The scheme provides updates and legislation through newsletters, forums and training events which will help you keep up to date with any legislative changes.

Do all my properties have to be accredited?

Yes; although we recognise that it may take a considerable time to accredit larger portfolios so we will agree a time period with the landlord/agent. During the accreditation process each property will be surveyed and the assessor and for property specific benefits you will only be able to access the benefits for that property, for example free advertising for properties that are accredited. 

You can accredited all your properties within the borough and you will receive a certificate for each accredited property. 

Can letting agents be accredited?

No we accredit individual properties and landlords although letting agents are welcome to put forward properties on behalf of landlords. Where landlords employ the service of agents we will work with the agent to accredit the property and all communication will be through the agent unless we are told otherwise.

How long does accreditation last for?

Accreditation lasts for five years and you will be given a certificate for each property with a start and expiry date. Within this period it is your responsibility to renew any certificates that have expired, such as a Gas Safety Certificate, or where an electric certificate recommends re-examination date of electrical installations. 

What happens at the end of the accreditation period?

At the end of the period you will be given the choice to extend the property through a self certification (link) process however all properties are subject to a random audit survey.

How much does it cost to join the scheme?

The scheme is currently free to join.

Does my property need to be vacant before I can apply?

No; we can arrange with the tenant on your behalf or arrange to meet yourself or your agent at the property. Many landlords use it as an opportunity to carry out their own planned inspections.

What if I am refused accreditation status or have my membership revoked?

If you fail to meet the scheme standards or have your membership suspended or revoked you will be given a full written explanation. If you disagree with the decision you will be entitled to a right of appeal. .

Aside from property and management standards are there any additional requirements of the scheme?

  • Provide an updated list of property portfolio on request. 
  • Provide access to your properties for the Strategic Housing Team to carry out audits when necessary. 
  • Ensure all dwellings meet the requirements of the scheme at all times. 
  • Landlords and / or their agent must attend at least one Landlord Forums per year.