Allocation of Social Housing

Allocation of social housing in Knowsley

To see data regarding the allocation of social housing in Knowsley under the Property Pool Plus Allocation Scheme, which started in 2012, please follow the below link.

The data is divided into two spreadsheets.

The first includes figures from 2014 to 2018.

The second spreadsheet provides data from 2018 onwards. This is due to change in the statistics that we collect on a quarterly basis.


This data is updated each quarter (every three months) If you require further information please e-mail us via [email protected]

What does this data include?

  • Numbers of people applying to join the housing register and the subsequent band they are placed in
  • Numbers of adverts and lets in Knowsley (broken down by Registered Provider, property type and band allocated to)
  • Number of appeals received
  • The ethnicity of those on the housing register
  • Average waiting times to be rehoused
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