Facing Homelessness or Housing Crisis - Contact Housing Options Team


There are temporary changes to our service due to Coronavirus COVID-19; instead of calling into One Stop Shops, we will now be offering telephone appointments. Please read this page for further details.

Knowsley's Housing Options Service can give you help and advice on all aspects of housing need.

What does the Housing Options Service do?

The Housing Options Service can give you help and advice whatever your housing difficulties. We will always to try to help everyone who contacts us and advise you what options are available to you, depending on your individual circumstances.

The Housing Options Service can:

  • Help you to keep your existing home;
  • Help you find a property to rent
  • Give you advice to help you out of housing difficulties;Give you advice about moving to another property or taking in a lodger
  • Give you advice on what legal duties the council has to you; and
  • Give you information or put you in touch with other agencies who can help you.

Contacting us

If you are facing difficulties with your housing you should contact us as soon as possible. Do not wait until you have left your home or have to leave home very soon before you contact us. The sooner you contact us, the more we can do to help you.

When you contact us, we will need to ask you some questions to find out more about your situation to see what advice can be provided immediately.

We will try to offer advice and assistance the first time we speak to you, and if possible try to resolve your problem then. If we need to discuss the situation in more detail we will make a telephone appointment.

What will happen at your telephone appointment?

When we speak to you, we will explain some of the options available to help solve your housing problem.

Your telephone interview with a Housing Options Officer will usually last between 30 minutes and 1 hour. The officer will ask a set of questions so that they can find out more about your situation and circumstances. This will help them to give you advice and decide on what is the best action to take to resolve any housing difficulties you may be having.

Some actions may be things you need to do, such as sorting out some benefit issues or providing more information, or some actions may be things that the officer will do on your behalf, such as speaking to your landlord or trying to resolve a housing benefit issue.

For us to be able to help you, you must:

  • Tell us everything about your situation;
  • Not withhold any information because you think it will look bad for you;
  • Provide any information we ask for quickly; and
  • Carry out any actions the officer recommends as quickly as possible.

At the end of the telephone interview, the officer will give you a personal housing plan via e-mail, this will detail what you need to do in order to resolve your housing problems, it will also detail what work the Housing Options Service will do to help you with this.

Contact details

Call the Housing Options Service on 0800 694 0280 for a confidential and private discussion. Opening hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm (Wednesday 9am - 4pm). An out of hours service is available in an emergency.

You can also email us on info@knowsleyhousingoptions.org.uk