Japanese knotweed

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Japanese knotweed, also known as Fallopia japonica, is an invasive species of plant which spreads rapidly and overwhelms other plants. It can grow almost anywhere and causes serious problems, including loss of native plant species, structural damage (it can grow through asphalt and some other surfaces), reduction in land values and difficulty in obtaining mortgages.

How do I identify it

  • Green shovel shaped leaves
  • Stem is bamboo-like in appearance
  • Produces white flowers around September or October.
Japense Knotweed

What you should know

It is the landowner's responsibility to control these plants. You must not allow it to spread to other people's land or property. However, you do not have to remove it from your own land.
To find out who owns a piece of land,  search for land and property information on Gov.uk

Private land

e.g., a neighbouring property, a construction site, agricultural fields, speak to the land owner in the first instance.  If no action is taken to treat it then contact Environmental Health on 0151 443 4712 or [email protected]

Public or council owned land

Contact The Environmental Sustainability Service at: [email protected]

You must not remove or dispose of Japanese knotweed as it could cause the plant to spread, which is an offence.
You must not dispose of Japanese knotweed in your green bin (garden waste) or take it to the tip (household recycling centre) as this is an offence – it must be disposed of as controlled waste.
If you find Japanese knotweed on your own land or you would like further information, you can visit the Gov.uk website.

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