Trees and Arboriculture

The council’s Arboriculture Officers inspect and maintain trees within Knowsley. They look after trees in council-owned parks and open spaces, woodlands, trees on and adjacent to highways, and trees in cemeteries.

Knowsley Council’s aim is to ensure that the management of the our trees contributes to making Knowsley’s environment attractive and healthy.

While trees provide many benefits such as pollution filtration, releasing oxygen into the atmosphere and many more benefits, sometimes they can cause problems. If you are experiencing a problem with a Knowsley Council owned tree, please contact us using the email address below.

However, there are some issues that we cannot help with.These are:

  • A tree is causing a problem with TV reception or solar panel. Please speak to your provider to find alternative solutions.
  • A tree is blocking light. There is no legal right to light where vegetation is concerned.
  • Sap falling onto cars or property.
  • A tree is touching or damaging overhead wires. Contact BT Openreach
  • Tree roots are making a pavement or road surface uneven: please report this to [email protected]
  • Overhanging trees; unless they are touching a property or are presenting a danger

For all other enquiries please contact: [email protected]

Trees in gardens or other private land is the responsibility of the landowner. Our Tree FAQs cover what to do if you are having problems with trees.

Please note we receive a large volume of enquiries and will deal all reports and enquiries in order of priority and urgency.

Dangerous trees

If you suspect that a tree is dangerous, the first action to take is to contact the land owner and inform them of your concerns. If you believe this is Knowsley Council, please contact us as soon as possible. When the council receives a report of a suspected dangerous tree, an assessment is made by the Arboriculture team to confirm whether the tree is dangerous or not.

If there is enough evidence that a tree is dangerous, the council has powers to order the removal of a dangerous tree or to make it safe under the Highways Act 1980 or the Local Authority (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1974.
Trees on private land that are not deemed to be dangerous are considered to be a civil matter and the Council will not intervene.
Should you need to report a tree that is causing a danger or is hazardous to the public please contact:

Arboricultural Team - 0151 443 2400 
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Out of hours  - 0800 023 2334 (emergencies only)

Email: [email protected]

Tree Preservation Orders and development work related to trees 

Please visit the protected trees page for information on tree protection orders and trees on development sites.

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