Cemetries in Knowsley

Knowsley has two award winning multi-faith cemeteries


Knowsley Cemetery, Fox’s Bank Lane

This 8.9 acre cemetery at Fox’s Bank Lane, Whiston. Awarded a prestigious ‘Green Flag’ - a national award recognising the best parks and green spaces in the country.
Opened in 1996, the cemetery is in the southeast of Knowsley with excellent road, rail and public transport network and is bordered by farms and woodland to the south
and east. The cemetery features a number of decorative gardens, including the Hope and Heart Gardens.


Burial plots and areas for the burial of cremated remains are available. 

Prescot Cemetery, Manchester Road

Another ‘Green Flag site, Prescot Cemetery is on Manchester Road in Prescot, within walking distance from the town centre. The cemetery is closed for the purchasing of new burial plots, with internments taking place in private and family plots only.

Closed Church Yards

St Chad’s, Kirkby

A closed churchyard dating back 140 years. There has been a church on this site for more than 1,000 years and St Chad’s is featured in the Doomsday Book.
St Michael’s, Huyton

St Michael’s churchyard in is one of the smallest cemeteries maintained by the Council. It was closed in 2001 with the burial land having been exhausted several years earlier. It has a mature and natural character and is a site of ecological importance within Knowsley.


Burial and Cremation


Purchasing a grave

You can buy grave space burial rights for a period of 99 years at the Cemetery Office. You can also buy a grave in advance to be reserved for future use. For further advice please contact the Cemeteries Office  or your funeral director. New graves are available at Fox’s Bank Lane Cemetery.

Selecting a grave plot

The Council offers two types of traditional grave plots, either a lawn burial grave or a cremation only grave. A range of alternative graves and memorials are also available. Cemetery staff at both the Knowsley Cemetery and the Cemeteries Office can advise you of these options.

Burial plots

Situated at Fox’s Bank Lane Cemetery, burial plots have been designed to accommodate a maximum of three coffins. These graves will also allow for a further four cremated remains caskets.

Cremated remains graves

A special area has been designed for the burial of a loved one’s ashes at Fox’s Bank Lane Cemetery. Each plot is allocated with a 99 year right of burial and will accept up to six sets of ashes. Memorial headstones can be placed on the grave.


As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment, we ask that remains are buried in a biodegradable container. Families can choose from a wide selection of containers available from your funeral director. Staff at the Cemeteries Office can provide you with further details.

Scattering of ashes

Arrangements can be made to scatter ashes in the Garden of Remembrance at Fox’s Bank Lane Cemetery according to the wishes of families.

Above and below ground vaults

At Knowsley Cemetery we now have graves that allow for the interment of cremated remains. These are the Barns Plaque below ground vaults and the Columbarium Above ground vaults, both allowing up to two set of cremations.


There are several memorial options in the Garden of Remembrance. Memorials can be leased for 10-year periods, with the option to renew. There is no further charge for maintenance or upkeep during that period of dedication.

Memorial safety

To ensure the safety of visitors and staff within Knowsley cemeteries, the Council, under, the directive of the Health and Safety Executive, carries out a safety audit of all memorials. The Council will make safe any memorial found in immediate danger and will then attempt to contact the owner. Memorials remain the property and responsibility of registered grave owners, who are required to ensure their memorial is safe. Should owners find their memorials are unsafe, repairs should be carried out by a monumental mason.


Opening times

Cemeteries and car parks are always open to the public. However, the main gates at Knowsley Cemetery will only be open for funeral vehicle or disability access.
Searching of burial and cremation registers
All records are held at: Cemeteries Office Council Offices Stretton Way, Huyton.
Tel/Fax: 0151 443 5231
The office is open: Monday to Friday
9am to 4pm

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