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A range of support is available to pupils in Knowsley's mainstream schools who have English as an additional language.

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English as an Additional Language

Knowsley EAL Service is here to support you with the teaching of your EAL students.

The team offer formal assessment using the NASSEA Framework which then generates a three term tracking document from which you can see how much progress the student is making.

EAL provide 1:1 support as well as small group work. Support can be in class or individual based work.

The team also deliver whole school or individual training on EAL pedagogy, and along side this, they provide strategies, help and advice.

The EAL website provides both teachers and parents with a wide range of resources that will encourage progress.

On a weekly basis, EAL contribute to the school’s circular, providing links and resources to help teachers incorporate into the curriculum acknowledgement of cultural celebrations and events.

EAL's sole aim is to make the learning experience inclusive to all and one in which all learners get the opportunity to develop and make progress.

What support is available

You can get materials from school to practise with your child at home or information on a range of courses, including where you may attend an Adult English for Speakers of Other Language (ESOL) course.

A range of resources are available for you to borrow free of charge, including some dual-text books, jigsaws, games, taped storybooks, bi-lingual and mono-lingual dictionaries. 

How you can help

It is important that you help your child's cognitive development through the home language, whilst exposing them to English as often as possible.

How to get support

Contact Karen Foley, Support Manager of EAL, for any questions or queries about referrals.
Number: 07385 375364
Email: [email protected]

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