Help with special educational needs

Some children have needs or disabilities that affect their ability to learn.

This includes:

  • Behaviour and social issues.
  • Problems with reading and writing.
  • Understanding things.
  • Concentrating.
  • Physical needs and impairments.

Help and support is available to ensure all children and young people with Special Education Needs (SEN) can develop and achieve their full potential.

Most children’s special educational needs can be met through their school. In all schools, teaching will take into consideration your child’s needs, their progress, your views and the view of teachers who are working closely with your child. A variety of teaching and learning approaches will be used, together with effective rewards.

Request an assessment for your child

Contact your child’s school to request an assessment of your child’s needs.  You can get advice and guidance from Knowsley’s SEN Team by calling 0151 443 5145.

Support for parents

If your child, aged from birth to 25-years-old, needs extra help to learn, Liverpool & Knowsley SENDIASS can help.

This includes information leaflets, telephone support, face-to-face meetings, help to fill out forms and other paperwork such as a statement of special education needs, assessments and visiting schools with you.

Liverpool & Knowsley SENDIASS also has links with parents groups and voluntary organisations that can provide further support.

Contact Liverpool & Knowsley SENDIASS on 0800 012 9066.

Transport Statement for Post-16 Learners in Education or Training

Academic Year 2020/21

All councils have a duty under Section 509AA (7) of the Education Act 1996 to publish annually a Transport Statement for students and learners aged 16 to18 and 19 to 25 if they have Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities. Knowsley publishes one statement which covers all cohorts to whom the duty applies.

The information in this statement covers the transport arrangements for students and learners of sixth form age and those aged 19 to 25 with Learning Difficulties or Disabilities who live in Knowsley and who are studying or training at:

  • Schools
  • Further education sector institutions
  • Authority maintained or assisted institutions providing further education
  • Establishments funded directly by the Education Funding Agency or Skills Funding Agency, including independent specialist providers for learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities
  • Learning providers that are funded by the local authority to deliver accredited programmes of learning which lead to a positive outcome (this could include colleges, charities and private learning providers)

Read Knowsley's Transport Statement for Post-16 Learners in Education or Training Academic Year 2020/21

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