Supplementary Information Forms (SIF) 

Some schools have specific criteria within the oversubscription categories of their Admission policy that you may want your children to be considered under if you think they would meet that priority group.

The application you submit to the Local authority will not necessarily gather the specific information needed by individual schools as admission policies can be different for different schools. In order to ensure they have all the information they need to consider your application; some schools will request that applicants complete a supplementary information form (SIF) which has been devised to obtain information about the applicant and child that the school need to apply their admission policy.

In Knowsley, Catholic and Church of England schools will typically have a supplementary form that you will need to complete if you wish your application for a school place to be considered under certain faith criteria of the admission policy.  These forms are available directly from the individual schools or can be found at the links below for parents/carers to download and print.

Completed supplementary forms should be returned directly to the individual school/s by the relevant application closing date (31 October for secondary school transfer and 15 January for reception class applications).

Any supplementary form completed must be in addition to the relevant home local authority application preference form and you must complete a separate supplementary form for each school of preference. 
Please note – if you name the school as preference on the Local Authority common application form but do not complete a supplementary faith form, your application will still be considered, but the admission authority can only consider your child under criteria not related to supplementary information (for example not under a faith category). However, if you only complete the school supplementary form and do not name the school as preference on your Local Authority common application form, the admission authority will not typically consider your child for a place.

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