Late applications and making changes to your application



Please note - Applications for places in reception class of primary/infant schools and year 7 of secondary schools for the current school year 2023/24 will now be considered as in-year admission applications and applications should be made following in-year admission/transfer procedures.

Late applications for 2024/25 admission

The online application portal will remain open for late applications to be made after the national closing dates (31 October 2023 for secondary school transfer and 15 January 2024 for primary school).
However, Parents/carers need to be aware that making a late application could result in missing out on a school place and are strongly advised to apply on time.


Each Local Authority has its own rules about late applications as part of their co-ordinated admission scheme and parents/carers naming preferences for schools in other authorities should check with the relevant authority how that individual school preference may be considered if named on an application form submitted after the closing date.
To make a late application you can access the online portal

Alternatively, contact the school admissions team to request a paper application form.

Applications received after the closing date 

Applications naming Knowsley schools as preferences that are received after the closing date but before the initial allocation will be included wherever practicable.

Applications received after the allocation process has begun

Late applications naming Knowsley schools as preference, received after the initial allocation process has begun (after 29 November 2023 for secondary applications and after 21 February 2024 for primary schools) will not normally be considered by Knowsley schools until the initial allocation process is complete. Only where the admission authority accepts there are exceptional circumstances, will late applications be considered in the initial round. 

If parents/carers believe that there are exceptional circumstances for the application being submitted late, it is their responsibility to state this and they should email [email protected] explaining the exceptional reasons for the late application and provide supporting documentation.

The deadline for exceptional circumstance consideration will be 26 January 2024 for secondary applications and 18 March 2024 for reception class applications.

Making changes to your application

Change of school preference/s

Up to the relevant national closing date, online applicants can make changes to school preferences by logging back into their account via the portal to make the change directly then resubmitting the application.  

Those who have applied by paper application will need to contact the school admissions team directly to request a change.

Change of preference after the closing date

A change of preference during the allocation period will normally only be accepted if there are substantial/exceptional reasons, for example a house move to another area. Applicants should contact Knowsley school admissions by email stating the reasons why a change is being requested and should provide satisfactory evidence of the change of circumstances resulting in a change of preference request, for example proof of exchange of contracts to confirm a house move.


The deadline for change of preference due to exceptional circumstance will be 26 January 2024 for secondary applications and 18 March 2024 for reception class applications.
Where there are no substantial or exceptional reasons for the request to change preference, parents/carers can change their preferences by withdrawing the original application and then making a new application and this can be done online via the application portal.  This new application will be considered as a late application, therefore parents/carers must ensure they are aware of how late applications are treated (see above).

Other changes of circumstances

It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to make sure the information on their application is correct and up-to-date. If you do not confirm a change, this may affect how your application is considered and you could miss out on a place at a school of preference or risk having a place withdrawn if it has been offered on the basis of information that is incorrect.
If the change is in relation to information provided on a supplementary information form, the applicant should contact the individual school directly to discuss making a change to the form.
If you are unsure about what is a relevant change, please contact Knowsley School Admissions for advice and please be aware, in some cases, you may be asked to provide evidence of the change. 

Who to contact

Email: [email protected]

Telephone Contacts:
Primary & Secondary school admissions – 0151 443 5142/5143
In Year Admissions – 0151 443 3372
Write to:
Knowsley Council
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