Fair Access Protocol (FAP)

The School Admissions Code states each Local Authority must have a Fair Access Protocol agreed by schoolss in the Local Authority area to ensure that unplaced and vulnerable children, and those having difficulty in securing a school place in-year, are allocated a place as quickly as possible.

The protocol is operated outside the normal point of entry to school and applies only to specific categories of children seeking places through the in-year transfer/admission process. It does not apply to the annual allocation of reception class and year 7 places.

The Fair Access Protocol seeks to ensure that no individual school is asked to admit a disproportionate number of children who have been excluded from other schools, who display challenging behaviour, or who are being placed via other categories of the protocol.  To achieve this, the protocol allows the Fair Access Panel to make placements in excess of the usual admission limit, or to refuse where places might otherwise be available.

Full details of the current Knowsley Fair Access protocol can be found in the document (below).

Whilst the Fair Access Protocol must adhere to the requirements of national admissions legislation, the Knowsley protocol is also reviewed on an annual basis during the summer term for operation during the following school year.

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